UN court to say if Myanmar genocide case can proceed




July 22, 2022


 The UN’s highest court will decide this Friday on the suit filed by the republic of Gambia against the republic of the union of Myanmar for the alleged genocide of Rohingya Muslims.


Gambia accused Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2019 of breaching the un genocide convention over a bloody 2017 crackdown, against hundreds of thousands of minority Rohingya Muslims, which was characterized by brutal violence and serious human rights violations, including indiscriminate killings, sexual violence, and forced displacement.


Myanmar says the court should dismiss the case on legal grounds while it is still in its preliminary stages, and before it starts dealing with the genocide allegations in full.


However, the ICJ says it will deliver its judgment on the preliminary objections raised by Myanmar at 13:00GMT (2pm Nigerian time)










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