The government of the United Kingdom has put in place a law that will stop Nigerian students, and other foreign nationals studying in the UK from bringing their families as dependents except under specific circumstances.


This is as the UK government works to bring down immigration into the country which stands at about 1 million down.


Under the new rule, the UK will be removing the permission for international students to switch out of the student route and into work routes before their studies have been completed to prevent misuse of the visa system.


It was also gathered that ‘there will also be a review of the maintenance requirement for students and dependents and a crackdown on ‘unscrupulous’ education agents ‘who make use of inappropriate applications to sell immigration, not education’


This change takes effect in January 2024 to allow students starting courses in the UK time to plan to adapt to the new rules.

This new law comes after indications had emerged that the UK plans to put stricter laws in place to bring down the climbing number of immigrants into the country via studies.


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