Tinubu Inaugurates Lagos Red Line Rail

President Bola Tinubu has inaugurated the Red Line Rail Project in Lagos. The project, an intra-state rail service is aimed at improving transportation within the city, spans 37 kilometres.


In inaugurating the project, the President reiterated his administration’s commitment in improving on the nation’s infrastructural development.


He also said there is no going back on the reforms embarked upon by his government that have led to the hike of essential goods and services.


“But this revolution that has started, this reform that is ongoing, we are not looking back. The engineering, the construction, the affirmation of our pledge to be loyal to our country. There is one thing I know is that there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

After coming to office last year President Bola Ahmed Tinubu ended a fuel subsidy and currency controls, leading to a tripling of petrol prices and a spike in living costs as the naira has slid against the dollar.


The country’s inflation rate reached almost 30 per cent in January, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.


The President admitted that while the current administration makes an effort to fight corruption, the scourge will fight back.


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