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EU Warns Musk That Twitter Must Obey Disinfo Rules

Europe’s top official for enforcing digital regulation warned Twitter boss Elon Musk on Wednesday that he must do more to fight disinformation in order to comply with EU law.


The EU commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, held a video call with Musk and told him “there is still huge work ahead” to bring the platform in line with Brussels’ rules.


Breton posted a brief, silent video clip of his videoconference on Musk’s platform Twitter, but followed it up with a link to a longer statement on the rival Mastodon network.


Musk did not directly reply to Breton’s post but in a separate tweet responding to another user, he agreed that under previous management Twitter had “failed in trust and safety for a very long time”.


The DSA was passed last year and will enter into force next year after tech giants have had time to comply with stricter European orders to remove harmful or deliberately misleading content.


Firms that are found not to be in compliance face fines of up to six percent of their global turnover or even a ban on operating in the European Union, a huge market of more than 440 million people.


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