NEMA advises south-east residents to relocate from river banks


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has advised South-East residents in low lands, river banks and flood plains to relocate before the peak of the rainy season to escape the menace of flooding.


The South-East Coordinator of NEMA, Tickman Tanimo, gave the advice this Tuesday in Enugu on the sideline of the 2022 Flood Prediction of Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA).

The NEMA coordinator said that the NIHSA early warning or prediction presupposes early preventive actions against flooding by all stakeholders especially at the individual, neighbourhood, community and council levels.


According to him, most council areas in Anambra with exception of only three council areas falls into Highly Probably Flood Risk areas this year.


Tanimo explained that the early warning for those living in low lands and river banks to relocate to high land and safe places would reduce human and material losses before, during and after the peak of this year’s rainfall.


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