X is tinkering with video and audio calling at the platform formerly known as Twitter, according to a post Wednesday by owner Elon Musk.

“Early version of video and audio calling on X,” Musk wrote in a post that contained a screen capture showing how to turn the feature on in the platform’s settings.


The screen capture showed options of enabling voice and audio calls to those in a user’s address book, all verified users, and to people they “follow” at the service.


However, multiple users responded to Musk’s post saying they did not see the feature in their app, which was also not visible in a version sighted by newsmen.


The tycoon announced in August that voice and video calls were in the works at X in what was seen as a step towards turning the former Twitter into an “everything app.”


The calling features would work on iOS, Android, Mac and PC systems, and no phone number would be needed, he said at the time.


“X is the effective global address book,” the billionaire added.


Musk in July rebranded Twitter as X, saying it would become an “everything app” inspired by China’s WeChat that would allow users to socialize as well as handle their finances.


Since Musk bought Twitter last October, the platform’s advertising business has collapsed as marketers soured on his management style and mass firings that gutted content moderation.


Blaze Fm