The national emergency management agency nema has confirmed the building collapse which occurred on sunday on ibadan street in the ebute metta area of lagos state and said the death toll recorded during the building collapse has increased to eight.


Nema acting coordinator ibrahim farinloye who made the confirmation says two male additional bodies were this monday recovered.


Reports say the nema officials, alongside other emergency response agencies including the lagos state fire and rescue service; the lagos state emergency management agency, and the police, commenced a search and rescue operation immediately the three-storey building caved in late sunday.


The prompt search and rescue operation resulted in rescue of 23 persons alive including children.


Reports also say the occupants were said to be in their various apartments when the building suddenly collapsed and trapped some of them.


Farinloye, who confirmed the death of five occupants immediately the incident occurred says the collapsed structure had been marked for demolition.


The lagos nema acting coordinator who also says another three-storey building, on lagos street, about 200 metres away from the current scene has shown signs of distress with part throwing pebbles and falling off says the building has already  been marked as distressed but the occupants are deviant.

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