Chu Nwankwo

Meet Chu Nwankwo

Chu Nwankwo started his broadcast career as far back as when he was 16yrs, anchoring a youth variety TV program on the Anambra Broadcasting Service.

He went along to cut his professional teeth in Minaj where he joined as a pioneer staff, and a reporter/Newscaster in 1994.

Chu Nwankwo rose in rank, becoming head of Programs for Minaj systems television in 1995, Head of Operations for Minaj Africa Network (which eventually became MBI) in 1996 and Head of News and Current Affairs for Minaj broadcast international in 1990’s


Chu left Minaj in 2000 to pursue a private production career, and produced/presented the popular movie program MOVIE MASTER, the all-in-one information radio program, EST and a religious program on TV called LOGOS. Chu returned to Minaj by 2013, and left for Blaze FM Oraifite in 2014 as head of News. By 2017, he went to Aba, Abia state, to manage a new radio station Buzz FM. By 2018, he came back to Anambra state to work with Omega FM as head of Programs and Operations.

From there he came back to Blaze FM Oraifite in 2019 as head of Content for Blaze FM Oraifite.